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Construction of the Class 1s, 1910 - 1912

Blueprints and photos from the St. Louis Car Company construction site.
Photos courtesy of the St. Louis Car Company Records
Series 05, Job 900,
Washington University Archives

Electric Railway Journal, 1912

An article in a September 1912 edition of the Electric Railway Journal
about the innovative design of the San Diego Class 1 Streetcars, which were unique to the
"peculiar conditions" of the city.

The Class 1 Streetcars, 1912 - 1930s

Original Route Maps for the Class 1 Streetcars, 1912 - 1918

San Diego Electric Railway Co. Employee E.A. McRoy

A collection of paperwork and identification cards that belonged to a San Diego
streetcar operator named E.A. McRoy.