"Class what?"


Careful reasearch has proven that people can't get excited about something they've never heard about.
Yeah, we were shocked too.

Luckily, there's a lot you can do to spread the word about the Historic Class 1 Streetcars.

Let's see, you could...

...rent a billboard, make a t-shirt (and then wear that t-shirt often), wear a streetcar suit,
get a Class 1 tattoo, shout it from the rooftops, mow it on your lawn, paint it on your house,
paint it on your car, name your cat/dog/hamster/baby "Class 1", send a carrier pigeon and/or
message in a bottle to everyone you've ever met...ever. **

or you could...

Join us on Facebook and Twitter.


While there, you could share our video!


Read our Class 1 Booklet and then email it to friends and businesses.
It's the story of the Class 1 streetcars then, now, and tomorrow.


Join the list of supporters on our Friends of the Class 1 Streetcars page to show
our city leaders that we mean business!


If you've got a storefont you could hang one of our nifty posters in your window.

Just contact us and we'll be
happy to get you posters asap.

** We don't actually think you should do any of that other stuff. Except the t-shirt thing. That would be cool.